HIP API Documentation v4.3


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Supported CUDA APIs

To access the following supported CUDA APIs, see


  • Runtime API

  • Driver API

  • cuComplex API

  • cuBLAS

  • cuRAND

  • cuDNN

  • cuFFT

  • cuSPARSE

Deprecated HIP APIs

HIP Context Management APIs

CUDA supports cuCtx API, the Driver API that defines “Context” and “Devices” as separate entities. Contexts contain a single device, and a device can theoretically have multiple contexts. HIP initially added limited support for APIs to facilitate easy porting from existing driver codes. The APIs are marked as deprecated now as there is a better alternate interface (such as hipSetDevice or the stream API) to achieve the required functions.

  • hipCtxPopCurrent

  • hipCtxPushCurrent

  • hipCtxSetCurrent

  • hipCtxGetCurrent

  • hipCtxGetDevice

  • hipCtxGetApiVersion

  • hipCtxGetCacheConfig

  • hipCtxSetCacheConfig

  • hipCtxSetSharedMemConfig

  • hipCtxGetSharedMemConfig

  • hipCtxSynchronize

  • hipCtxGetFlags

  • hipCtxEnablePeerAccess

  • hipCtxDisablePeerAccess

HIP-Supported CUDA API Reference Guide v4.3

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AMD ROCm Compiler Reference Guide

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