OpenMP Support

OpenMP-Extras V12.9-0

The openmp-extras auxiliary package supports OpenMP within the ROCm compiler, which is on llvm 12, and is independent of the aomp-amdgpu package. It contains OpenMP specific header files, which are installed in /opt/rocm/llvm/include as well as runtime libraries, fortran runtime libraries, and device bitcode files in /opt/rocm/llvm/lib. The auxiliary package also consists of examples in /opt/rocm/llvm/examples.

OpenMP-Extras Installation

Openmp-extras is automatically installed as a part of the rocm-dkms or rocm-dev package. Refer to the AMD ROCm Installation Guide at

1. OpenMP-Extras Source Build

For instructions on building OpenMP-Extras from source, refer to OPENMPEXTRAS_SOURCE_INSTALL.

System package dependencies can be found here.

NOTE: The ROCm compiler, which supports OpenMP for AMDGPU, is located in /opt/rocm/llvm/bin/clang. The AOMP OpenMP support in ROCm v3.9 is based on the standalone AOMP v11.9-0, with LLVM v11 as the underlying system. However, the ROCm compiler’s OpenMP support is based on LLVM v12 (upstream).